Pellet Plant Introduction

Biomass pellets as a green fuel and now more and more countries are used it to replace of coal, gas and oil etc. AKG is a leading machine supplier for making biomass pellet and we will give you a general idea of the how to make biomass pellet.

About material for making biomass pellet.
Usually, wood trunks, wood logs, wood branches, saw dust, bamboo, wheat straw, peanut shell, rick husk, sun flow stem, palm kernel shell etc can be pelletizing into fuel pellet. However, different materials have different characteristics, like heat valve, ask content, nitrogen content etc. The high heat valve pellet is welcome by the market.

Material source.
In China, due to lack of material, lots of pellet plant can’t go on constantly production and loss money. Now lots of pellet manufacturers are fighting for materials. If you are planning to install your own pellet plant, make sure that you have sufficient material supply.

Moisture content of material.
Generally speaking, the ideal moisture content of the material is 15%, different material has slightly difference on this. However, if the moisture content of the material is higher than 15%, shall be equipped a dryer.

Be careful in selecting a dryer.
When we talking about careful, this is mainly because the dryer’s cost is take up almost 30% in the total equipment investment and this cost will greatly affect the pellet’s selling price. Some of my clients asked other factories to dry the material for them instead of installing the dryer themselves to save the money. However, if the dryer is dispensable in your plant, you can use gas, coal, oil is a common fuel, but we recommend you use the biomass pellet !

Select a good location. This is a very important factor you shall taken into consideration when establish you pellet plant. Our suggestion is: selection a location where near the material supply, this will save your transportation cost greatly.